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Use it or lose it!

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A little while ago I sat down with my friends from Parsley Health to talk about nutrition, sleep, travel, my mom and a whole lot of other stuff! Parsley is a really interesting concept in wellness and health care, offering a tech-focused, subscription based approach to Functional Medicine. I’m a huge fan of Functional Medicine and believe firmly in the basic principle as described by my dear friend Dr. Frank Lipman who says that “if the leaves of the tree are brown, you don’t paint them green, you make sure the soil and the roots are healthy.” Check out the complete conversation with Parsley here.

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Summer is winding down, but there’s still hot weather coming!

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File Aug 09, 4 46 43 PMThere’s nothing more refreshing than a chilled Summer soup and as much as I love a tomato gazpacho, one of my favorite Summer soups is some Santa Claus melon blended with cucumber, garlic, citrus vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. I blend everything except the olive oil until smooth, then lower the speed and drizzle in the olive oil. Season with some salt and pepper, torn basil leaves and a sprinkle of chili pepper. Such an easy and refreshingly delicious Summer soup.

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The secret to perfect octopus

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If there is one dish that perplexes home cooks, it’s how to properly cook octopus. It seems overwhelmingly complicated and the thought of cooking it at home is daunting. Well…it’s not really that tough  if you do it properly (pun intended, sorry I couldn’t resist!) Read More

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The intersection of bikes and food

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The other day I had the opportunity to talk with my friends at Velocio Apparel about my experience with food and cycling and how the two have helped me reclaim my health. Velocio makes some of the highest quality, functional, professional cycling clothing with stylishly, understated design. Food and bikes are my two great loves and it’s really great to hook up with a company like Velocio that understands that nutrition, exercise and lifestyle are inseparable. Check out the full interview here.



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It’s no secret that I’m a total nut for nuts. There aren’t any nuts that I don’t totally love and I’m always looking for new and unique ways to cook with nuts and create dishes that illustrate the diversity of nuts. I happen to have a serious thing for cashews in particular and the other day….
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Summer Squash

Shaved Summer squash with line caught tuna

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This is one of my favorite simple dishes to make in the height of Summer when the gardens and stores are over flowing with Summer squash and zucchini. I tend to eat a lot of salads in the Summer and I usually make sure there’s a generous amount of vegetables in my salad and some sensible protein.

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Poached egg with spring vegetables, anchovy-ramp pesto and some cured ham

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This time of year, I really get excited about Spring vegetables. This Winter was a weird one in New York, not that cold, but then as soon as Spring was supposed to arrive, the weather turned really cold. It finally is feeling like we’ve turned the corner and that means the first Spring vegetables we see are the wild ones like ramps and fiddle-head ferns. Both are super nutrient dense and have a ton of flavor- ramps in a spicy sort of garlicky way and fiddle-heads are as bitter as can be and taste like the wild forest. I love them both! Read More


Good Bugs, Bad Bugs

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There has been a lot talk over the past few years about the role of bacteria in our general health, as it pertains to everything from obesity to immune disfunction and I have learned first hand the effect of an imbalanced microbiome- the term used to describe the community of bacteria that live in and on our bodies. For many years I was very sick with Rheumatoid Arthritis, an “incurable and degenerative” auto-immune disease that causes systemic inflammation and directly targets the the joints. Read More


Granola Tropical

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In my journey to turn my health around, reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis and reclaiming my health, there have many factor that helped me on my path, food was and continues to be, my most valuable medicine. Along the way I made many discoveries about how the foods I ate impacted my disease and how I felt, but perhaps the single most valuable lesson for me has been reducing the overall amount of carbs I eat and increasing healthy fats, protiens and veggies. This doesn’t mean that I don’t eat carbs at all, but simply that I’m aware of what kinds of carbs I eat and how frequently I eat them.

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