My version of the Whole30

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I decided that the as I get ready for Spring and for the cycling season, I really wanted to get as fit and as lean and clean as I possibly can so I’m doing my own version of the Whole 30, the 30 day re-boot that follows some simple guidelines. In broad strokes, it means cutting out alcohol, dairy, grains, sugars and most legumes for 30 days.This is not a radical shift from how I normally eat, but as I’ve been doing this for the past week, I’ve really noticed all the little places that sugar creeps into my food and I have to say that even though it’s been just under a week, I already feel a tremendous difference, I feel trimmer and I have more energy. I thought it might be helpful to share a few food ideas, because I know that the thought of this sort of thing can be quite daunting and might seem like it means zero pleasure or joy.

Bright spice and punchy acid!

I found one of the most important ways to overcome the potential boredom of the Whole30 plan is to cook with bright spices and dynamic flavors. My work-from-home lunch today was super simple, took about 20 minutes to make and was incredibly satisfying. Here’s what I made:

  • Roasted kabocha squash with coconut oil, harissa and sea salt
  • bibb lettuce salad with shaved cucumber, radish, cabbage and kumquats and some toasted pepitas all finished with a yuzu and olive oil vinaigrette

Photo Mar 03, 12 00 52 PMI cut the kabocha squash in 1/2″ thick half-moons, tossed them with coconut oil and harissa and sea salt and roasted them at 400F for 20 minutes. While the squash was roasting, I tossed the salad together. I use two simple tools to make eating plenty of veggies easy and quick: the mandoline and the spiralizer. Both make getting plenty of vegetables into your belly quickly, very easy.  For this salad I just used the mandoline and I sliced up some kumquats for floral, citrusy addition.

I have to say, this Whole30 thing is really not such a bad idea to do from time to time! With a little creativity you just might find you’re not really missing anything!